2014 Garden Services

I successfully combine horticulture and ecology to create gardens for wildlife. I provide a design service to create sustainable gardens that suits both urban and rural locations.

Specialist design services include:

  • Classic herbaceous borders for Bees and Butterflies
  • Ornamental Kitchen gardens

Horticulture Services

  • Offering horticulture training with our new half day Sustainable Gardening courses
  • Creating and maintaining gardens in a sustainable manner
  • Providing horticultural seasonal tasks


  • Wild Landscape offers professional horticultural advice on individual gardens and create wildlife friendly plant schemes that enhance biodiversity
  • Other services include eco tours which examine wild flora and garden restoration

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Gardens created by Wild Landscape

Herbaceous planting scheme and informal hedge borders a gold flint gravel path.

The glossy bronze leaves and contrasting orange flowers of Ligularia add interest in any shadey corner.

Delphiniums contrasting with geum are a perfect partnership for any cottage garden.

Herbaceous summer colour dazzles!

Lush foliage and rich texture add a tropical feel to this border.


  1. Lorraine, a Chara,
    I enjoyed your site. Thank you for the booklet ‘Medieval Plants of Trim’. it is an enjoyable and informative read. The layout and photographs on your site are excellent. I look forward to discussing horticulture with you some time as it continues to be a major interest evwen though I no longer the Minister officially.

    Le gach dea-ghuĂ­


  2. Ena Ronayne says:

    Hi Lorraine

    I am only now getting to have a good look at your website. Impressive I’ll say. I would be very interested in discussing the e-learning course and the workshops with you at some point. Love your sketches and the booklet you produced. Well done.

    Ena Ronayne
    Horticultural Consultant & Teacher of Horticulture
    The Garden Design Co

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