Flora for Moths

Nectar Border for Moths

There are 1000 species of moths in Ireland and the majority of these are active at night time. Many moths we see during the day are mottle and brown to blend in with the environment and avoid predators however at night time, the varieties are colourful with beautiful wind markings. They feed at night to avoid predators also. Moths have a great sense of smell and unlike butterflies, feed by hovering near the bloom. The flowers that attract moths are white or pale as these are more vivid at dusk and night. Typically, these flowers have a strong, sweet scent with some only producing scent at night like Nicotiana and night stock. These blooms have deep tubes to match the length of the appropriate moth’s tongue. The petals are flat or bent back (recurved) to allow the moth easy access to the nectar.

Flowers for Moths available throughout the growing season

Flowering season Common name Latin name
Spring White Jasmine Jasminum officinale
Tobacco Plant Nicotiana sylvestris
Summer Night-scented Stock Matthiola incana
Honeysuckle Lonicera japonica
Evening primrose oenothera
Autumn Bramble Rubus fruticosus

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